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Completed in 2006.

2006 American Eagle and Globe.

    With a wingspan of 14 inches, height of seven and one half inches and depth of two inches the eagle perched atop a globe of the earth weighs one hundred ounces of sterling silver and was cast in one piece.  Each representation of a specific feather is both three dimensionally distinct from the surrounding feathers and carries great surface engraved detail.

    The eagle is perched atop a four and one half inch diameter sterling silver globe.  Surface engraving on the globe depicts the continents and oceans of the world.  The equator is depicted by a line of square pattern chasing.  Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are represented by lines of round pattern chasing.  The American continents face forward.  The globe and azimuth ring are secured to the "ebonized" American maple base by way of a round cup form decorated in the American Rococo style.   The globe is surrounded by a azimuth ring five inches in diameter marked with engraved lines and numerical stamping of the latitudes of the earth.  The globe, azimuth ring and cup weigh 45 ounces of sterling silver.  

    The "ebonized" solid American maple base is five and one quarter inches at the bottom, five inches high and is shaped to depict 13 disks set atop one another to represent the original thirteen American Colonies.  The base is wrapped in sterling silver ribbons and rests on a plinth one half inch high.   Overall design of the base represents a classical symbol for power, the fasces.

    The entire piece breaks down into 48 separate pieces for conservation purposes.  Forty seven made of sterling silver and one of "ebonized" maple.

    The complete work stands just over 17 inches tall and was executed in our workshop in Turtle Creek, PA with no subcontracting of any kind required.

    This piece, completed in 2006, presently resides in a private collection.


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